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Valentino Bontempi

Valentino Bontempi is a famous Italian chef. He lives and works in Russia for many years, and he is madly in love with his “second homeland”. Working in restaurant business for more than 40 years, he achieved phenomenal success, becoming not only successful restaurant businessman, but also a writer of several gastronomic books – bestsellers.

Valentino was born in Concesio Brescia (Lombardia region), where has taken a diploma of chef in prestigious school Caterina de Medici. He has worked and collaborated with best Italian chefs, famous all over the world. Experience of work in legendary restaurant Beauty Farm Villa Paradiso (Fasano, lago di Garda, Italia) with famous chef Enzo Boschi has helped a lot to choose his own way – way of high gastronomic dietetic cousine.

Valentino is chef of legendary restaurant Bontempi, located in prestigious zone of ex-chocolate factory Krasny Oktyabr in Moscow. He is also a concept chef of new restaurant Goose Goose in S.Petersburg. And Valentino is an ideologist of special and unique restaurant — PINZERIA® BY BONTEMPI.

I take care of health and I think that the dish and products we eat should be first of all salubrious. Thanks to particular preparation– pinza® contains a low level of gluten, so it becomes harmless for stomach. Healthy food with high quality products – that’s are the most important things I look for in my restaurant.

Valentino Bontempi, chef and founder of PINZERIA® BY BONTEMPI


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