Creamy nut mousse with a layer of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts in chocolate velor on a chocolate sponge cake. The cake is decorated with chocolate ganache, roasted hazelnuts, chocolate decor and crushed cocoa beans.
Weight: 0.850 Proteins: 6.1 Fats: 30 Carbohydrates: 28.9 Calories: 410
Cooking time from three hours.
1 950 р.


Chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate ganache, roasted hazelnuts, bavarese mousse with hazelnuts. Decor - chocolate velor, chocolate biscuit, caramelized hazelnuts, cocoa beans, chocolate logo.

It is advisable to make an order no later than three days before the date you need.

2500 rub / kg