Valentino Bontempi

Valentino Bontempi is a famous Italian chef who has been living in Russia for many years and is sincerely in love with our country. He has been in the restaurant business for about 40 years and has achieved phenomenal success in it, becoming not only a successful restaurateur, but also publishing several best-selling cookbooks.

Valentino, originally from the city of Cachesia (Lombardy), graduated with honors from the prestigious Caterina De Medici high school, where he received the specialty of a chef. Maestro Valentino has trained and collaborated with the best Italian chefs known all over the world. Valentino's experience in the legendary Beauty Farm Villa Paradiso restaurant (Fasano, Lake Garda, Italy), gained during cooperation with the legendary chef Enzo Boschi, was especially useful. It was there that he studied the technology and basic methods of preparing high dietary gastronomy dishes.

Valentino is not only the chef of the now legendary Bontempi restaurant, which is located in a prestigious area on the site of the former Red October chocolate factory in Moscow, and the concept chef of the new Goose Goose restaurant in St. Petersburg, but also the ideologist of a special in the atmosphere and cuisine of the institution - "Pinceria® Bontempi".

"I take good care of my health and believe that the dish should be healthy first and foremost. Thanks to its cooking technology, pincers® contain a very low amount of gluten, which makes the dough used practically harmless to the body. Healthy food with quality ingredients is what we are. we are guided when preparing dishes. "

Valentino Bontempi, chef and restaurant founder.