PINZA® (from the Latin Pinsere - to roll, grind) is an author's, innovative dish, created and patented by the guru of Italian cuisine, maestro Valentino Bontempi.

Born Italian, born in the Verona area, Valentino studied the history, culture and traditions of Italian cuisine and the Roman Empire for many years. During this gastronomic "journey" Valentino drew attention to the unusual hearty and simple flatbread, popular during the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, its recipe and name have been lost. But for a real maestro, nothing is impossible. So, Valentino found out that the ancient miracle of gastronomy Roman peasants made from crushed grain, salt and aromatic herbs and spices, and baked it on hot coals. It turned out to be a kind of crispy cake. The original mixture consisted of barley, oats and millet. Later, wild wheat was added. This simple dish was treated to priests and monks: everything that the peasants were rich with was laid out on the most tender crispy cake: vegetables, fruits, meat, and it turned out to be an excellent, pleasing to God, light lunch. The unusual dish is mentioned in many historical testimonies of that era: among other things, Virgil mentions an oval tender cake, which gives the army strength and does not make the soldiers sleepy.

Since the recipe and the name of the historical dish have not survived, Valentino, inspired by history, created his own original recipe, which was named PINZA®.

For the preparation of PINCA®, a special mixture of flour from three cereals is used: wheat, soy and rice.

The dough also includes unique yeast specially brought from Italy, which is more than five years old. It is thanks to this yeast that unusually large bubbles form in the dough and baking PINCI®, and the baked base becomes fluffy and at the same time remains light.

PINZA® certainly differs from traditional Italian pizza not only in its ingredients, but also in its special cooking technique. Unlike ordinary instant pizza, that is, in a sense, fast food - the dough for PINZY® is aged for 72 hours before baking, which ensures the necessary ripening of the dough and allows you to get a surprisingly tasty product.

Also, a feature of PINZA® is the use of more water when kneading the dough, which makes the dough unusually airy, and the finished PINZA® is much less high in calories compared to regular pizza.

PINZA® is extremely gentle on the stomach and the whole body, is well digested and does not cause heaviness. And the puffed dough is ideal for all kinds of experiments with fillings, both traditional for pizza and new ones, which Valentino Bontempi will surprise his guests with.