Pinzeria by Bontempi – is a new project of famous Italian chef Valentino Bontempi.

The concept of restaurant is unique. The chef has decided to make a restaurant with mix of good food, Italian atmosphere and reasonable prices. In menu you can find a variety of amazing dishes: salads, soups, meat and special offers from chef, and of course an assortment of best desserts.

The main dish is – PINZA, the product that does not have any analogue in Russia. It is a true innovation in world of pizza, and it guarantees excellent quality and high definability.

Following the ancient Roman tradition – to mix more flours for paste, in Pinzeria we use mixture of 3 types of flour: wheat, soya and rice flour. We also put a 5-years old ferment and lots of water. We make the paste, then we leave it for 32-72 hours and after all – we stretch it by hand delicately, bake it for couple of minutes. And on baked pinza we put different products – and bake all together again.

The result is a tasty pinza with crispy crust, soft crumb and incredible taste.

Pinza also has less gluten and much less caloric, than a traditional pizza.

Pinza represents the motto of chef Valentino Bontempi: ART, TASTE, COLOUR.

I think that good restaurant should be lively, food should be tasty and light, and of course the guest should pay reasonable price for dinner alone or in good company.

Valentino Bontempi, chef

Pinzeria Bontempi is situated: Great Znamensky Lane., 2, p. 3, in business center “School”. And our sign is extremely small.

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