Pinzeria® by Bontempi –is a new project of famous Italian chef Valentino Bontempi.

The concept of restaurant is unique. The main dish is – PINZA®, the innovative product invented by Signor Bontempi that does not have any analogue in Russia. To make it we use mixture of 3 types of flour: wheat, soya and rice flour. We also put a 5-years old ferment. We make the paste, then we leave it for 72 hours and after all – we stretch it by hand delicately, bake it for couple of minutes. And on baked pinza® we put different products – and bake all together again.

Menu is an example of harmony of taste and price.

I have always dream to create the place, where one can eat tasty and light food, and will not be frightened by prices

Valentino Bontempi, chef and founder of restaurant

PINZA® is less caloric than traditional pizza, and there is definitely less gluten. The receipt and technology of pinza’s® preparation is invention and secret of Valentino Bontempi.

There is a variety of other amazing dishes in menu: salads, soups, meat and special offers from chef, and of course an assortment of best desserts.

Restaurant is located on first floor of an ancient historical palace in Bolshoy Znamensky pereulok. Interior of restaurant is cozy and elegant. There are a lot of shelves full of books and delicious Italian products which you can buy right there.

The kitchen zone is open to guests, so you can observe the preparation of your pinza®.

Pinzeria® by Bontempi – is a cozy restaurant, without pathos, with products of excellent taste and quality.

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