Pinza®- innovative product from maestro Valentino bontempi


Is made of a special blend of flour
Pinza matures
32-72 hours


Pinzeria® by Bontempi – is a new project of famous Italian chef Valentino Bontempi. 

The concept of restaurant is unique. The chef has decided to make a restaurant with mix of good food, Italian atmosphere and reasonable prices. In menu you can find a variety of amazing dishes in menu: salads, soups, meat and special offers from chef, and of course an assortment of best desserts.

The main dish is – PINZA®, the product that does not have any analogue in Russia. It is a true innovation in world of pizza, and it guarantees excellent quality and high definability.

Valentino Bontempi

«I take care of health and I think that the dish and products we eat should be first of all salubrious. Thanks to particular preparation– pinza® contains a low level of gluten, so it becomes harmless for stomach. Healthy food with high quality products – that’s are the most important things I look for in my restaurant. »